Published annually, Caroline Chisholm Catholic College's course guides provide relevant information about each subject for the following year and were traditionally printed and distributed to students and parents.

Embracing digital, this year’s senior and middle school course guides were created as interactive PDFs, with built in navigation buttons to allow students to easily find the subjects they are interested in. Enabling the College to reduce printing costs, the new guide can be downloaded, emailed and viewed on the College's website

Icon’s designers took existing brand guidelines and developed a modern look and feel for the guides. 

“Using dynamic, diagonal shapes and large areas of colour, Icon took inspiration from the College's stained glass windows, providing the viewer with a glimpse into the school,” explains Luke Matthews, Senior Designer at Icon.

“After re-evaluating the content and organising it into logical sections based on learning areas, we were able to break up the large amount of content using strong, clear divider pages,” added Luke. “The diagrams enabled learning pathways information to be more clearly presented.”

If you'd like to understand more about Icon's engagement and design process, contact us for a chat.