Consumer website

Cabot’s Timber Finishes are the leading woodcare products in Australia. Cabot’s approached Icon to assist with the re-design and development of a new website, that functioned as an informative product selection tool for those with both interior and exterior DIY projects. 


When looking for a product in-store consumers were bombarded with a wall of products, not knowing which one was most suitable for their particular project. The purpose of the website was to help consumers through this process by offering advice and direction so they would leave the website knowing everything required to carry out their DIY project. 


Through extensive stakeholder engagement, Icon was able to understand the requirements of each the business divisions within the Cabot’s brand. Interactive wireframes were then used to prototype the complex site. Through this process we were able to add value to the user experience by simplifying the user path and adding informative, product based help and advice for the consumer at each stage of their journey. 

Once the wireframes had been finalised, Icon applied the Cabot’s brand to the site, bringing it alive. 

The final result is an engaging online tool, that guides and educates consumers, allowing them to get the same level of product advice they would receive when visiting a DIY shop.


  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Technical specification
  • Prototypes
  • GUI Design
  • HTML development