Global CCS Institute – solutions for climate change

Headquartered in Melbourne, GCCSI is the leading global advocacy group for carbon capture technology and research distribution. As part of a shift to a member-funded service model, the Institute engaged Icon to advise on the best digital strategy and platforms to support its ambitious global growth program.


The Institute’s large and complex family of websites was managed in-house and featured the Drupal CMS. Added to this was the huge database of CCS knowledge, research and policy information which needed to become more accessible and user-friendly.

Icon’s recommended approach started with the development of a global digital strategy to support the Institute’s Annual Operational Plan and Five-Year Strategy. Following extensive consultation and analysis, Icon was appointed to redesign the Institute’s digital assets, starting with a new-look corporate website. Next came an innovative Knowledge Hub portal and a separate consumer information campaign website, all managed via the Drupal CMS platform.

Our services for this project included:

  • Digital and communications strategy 
  • Stakeholder engagement and consultation 
  • Business analysis and user experience design 
  • Usability and functional review 
  • Drupal CMS consultancy (with CCS's internal Drupal team) 
  • Website design 
  • Mobile and tablet-friendly code
  • Search and site SEO 
  • Document library and database design 
  • Training and handover

CO2 Degrees Challenge

GCCSI also needed an education portal that could position carbon capture technology as a viable decarbonisation solution, and promote it to a non-expert audience. Positioning the technology within a range of clean energy options was paramount.


Icon designed an engaging website that breaks apart carbon capture’s core information challenges into WHY, HOW and HOW sections. Each section is supported by animated infographics, with a 'Talking about CCS' page streaming industry news onto the homepage. An interactive map showcases live and upcoming CCS projects from around the world, and cross-references information from their social media channels. The portal also includes an education section for teachers and students to download information kits and project material.

See more below:

Corporate site

News and research portal

Education portal