Love Food Hate Waste

Changing the way we work with food

Having created the communication campaign for Sustainability Victoria’s (SV) Household Chemical Collection Program, Icon extended its relationship with SV by winning a competitive pitch to design, develop and implement the Love Food Hate Waste (LFHW) public relations campaign.

Each year, Victorians throw away $4 billion worth of food that could have been eaten. Given the scale of the waste and its impact on the environment, SV wanted to teach Victorians easy ways to keep food fresher for longer.

Creating messaging about food waste was complex given it’s an issue which seldom attracts attention. Most people are unaware just how much food is thrown away and as such are unaware of the environmental damage it causes.

With there being great potential for key messages about food waste to be misinterpreted, Icon had to develop engaging messages which would attract the interest of media and consumers, yet not be misunderstood or be too overwhelming. Equally, the key audiences of the campaign are busy, time-poor people who need to be convinced that reducing food waste is easy and achievable.

One website, every device

The backbone of our communications strategy was the The Love Food Hate Waste website – a full-featured, responsive, information portal built using the Sitecore CMS. Visitors are presented with quick facts and ideas for reducing food waste; planning and shopping for meals; cooking and storage techniques; plus yummy recipes and entertaining videos.


PR and beyond

Icon created a comprehensive public relations strategy outlining a multi-tiered approach to educate Victorians about food waste. We also developed positive and engaging messages to persuade consumers that reducing household food waste is not difficult and can actually reduce household budgets. Our approach detailed five key behaviours people can adapt to reduce their food waste, as well as a series of videos featuring brand ambassador Paul Mercurio used to educate the community and empower consumers to take control of their food waste. Check out one of the videos below.

Engaging audiences through social media

Our social media team developed an integrated digital and social media campaign to engage and inform audiences online. After securing corporate support we also launched a campaign offering enticing prizes to help keep food fresher for longer, through the LFHW Facebook page.