When it comes to locking up, consumers and professionals alike look to Lockwood. 

An iconic Australian brand for over 50 years, Lockwood is the recognised market leader in mortice locks for residential and commercial use. Which is great for sales – but poses big challenges when you’re planning the first major product upgrade in over 20 years.

In early 2016, Lockwood parent company AssaAbloy engaged Icon Agency to help it plan and execute the Australian launch of the Selector 3700 Mortice Lock. After years in development, the ‘Selector’ was ready to replace Lockwood’s tried and trusty mortice lock. Convincing trade, locksmiths and consumers about the benefits of the new Selector 3700 was crucial to ensuring a successful launch and protecting Lockwood’s dominant market position.

Versatile and simple campaign 

Icon’s creative team dug deep into the Lockwood brand DNA. They sat with the Selector 3700 designers and spent time in the Australian manufacturing plant. The result was an inspired campaign tagline – A Brilliant Way to Lock Up – that tapped into the new lock’s unique benefits and sophisticated technology.

Recognising the expert nature of the B2B target audience, Icon created a campaign ‘videomercial' that celebrated the Selector 3700’s journey from concept through to completion through the eyes of a customer. The video was designed for versatility, from in-store demos to web, social media and broadcast applications.

The campaign, which launched in April, was rolled out nationally and included print and online advertising, website, point of sale and various collateral.