Cadbury Fundraiser

Sweet e-Commerce

Icon has been working with Cadbury Fundraiser since 2008 to help charities, schools and sporting clubs generate income for their organisations. Launching in late 2013, the third iteration of this iconic website took the business to a whole new level. Their new site is optimised for mobile and tablet viewing, has a built-in consultant management portal, and is fully integrated with Mondelez's SAP system. Working closely with their IT and sales teams, Icon set about building a user-centric solution that would engage and simplify the fundraising and sales process.


Playful interactions

Striking a balance between playful interaction and usable functionality was a challenge. We wanted customers to have a little fun while they shopped, and let them choose different ways of displaying and sorting products. 

Our designers and front-end coders – fuelled on Creme Eggs – prototyped ideas and interaction techniques, and built a playful and engaging experience full of colour and sweetness.

Consultant dashboard

The new site features a sales consultant dashboard to track and manage orders through a real-time business interface.

Utilising the Laravel framework, Icon’s development team custom-built a CMS to meet a stringent set of business requirements. A robust, well-organised, and well-tested logic enables the portal and Mondelez's SAP system to be continually in-sync.

Always on business

The Cadbury Fundraiser portal is more than an e-commerce site – it’s a robust, custom-built management tool that serves as the backbone to an 'always on' business.

Our IA, UX/UI and developer teams combined the best creative and technical thinking from across the industry to produce a world-class site that will continue to drive sales for this iconic brand.

Check it out and maybe do some fundraising while you’re at it!